How you can donate and help OUR Church

With so many people in need to help, and so many volunteers running all of our important programs and initiatives, we appreciate any and all donations that go towards our missionaries, outreaches, evangelism and kids church. You can simply give the old fashioned way in our service any amount during the offering, or give online through your banking, and our will go straight to us as well. You are not obligated to do so, and we simply like to let you know that these facilities are here should you find an outreach that makes your affections for Christ stronger than ever, and fits the areas you'd like to see the church assisting in! 

ways you can donate:



We have a free will: no obligation offering round every Sunday. Prayerfully consider an amount to give - there's no pressure!


Stay tuned for this service shortly. We're working on it!

Ps Daryl Mark and Melani Mark

P: 0431 118 930


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